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how to make call to japan's cellular?


19 Mar 2002
I'm going to Tokyo this summer for holiday and trying to contact a friend there...but I don't know how to make call from my country to his cell....can anyone help?

He stays in Tokyo, so should I dial:
Country code - Area Code - 090XXXXXXXX ??? or should I skip the area code? How about the initial zero of the cell number?

Please please please help...Thank's! 🙂
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Hi tas13a, and welcome to the board!

I'm sure there are more knowledgeable members here, but the following should work (at least it does from Europe):

Country code/mobile provider's code (without initial 0)/phone number, e.g.


Calls to mobile phones do not require to dial area codes.

Anyone correct me pls.
You definitely need the 90 of the cell phone number.

Not sure about the first 0 though.

hehe try both 090 and 90 one of them should work. I heard rates are the same from the states to a cell phone or to a normal phone. I heard that is.

good luck
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