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How to go abroad?

10 Aug 2003
I wanna go abroad to Japan over the summer and I have already looked at www.twoworldsunited.com and am also looking for other opportunities to explore. I'm not looking to really study just to go and do things through some program like Two Worlds United. Please post some sites if you have any. Thnx.

To go abroad, I'd probably take a plane. Boats would take forever.

If you're not going to study, and just to have fun, I think you're wasting your time. That's my opinion. Not trying to hate or flame. Having fun all the time won't get you anywhere.
No I mean to study language, and do me a favor and don't mess with me, I don't feel like it. I mean not to study in school and that stuff. And you know, I wasn't thinking of a boat OR a plane, I was gonna walk. So if anyone has any real information, please post it.

hah, sorry dude.

if you're in college, i'd see if your school has a study-abroad program. if not, there are some companies that sponsor students so that they can study in japan. pfizer has such a program. i'll try to find a link for ya.

"Whats that suposed to mean?"
to protect against pickpockets
hold passports, credit cards, number of the american embassy
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