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How to get experience before moving to Japan?


29 Jun 2013
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Hello everyone.
Right now, I am living in America (Texas), (going to be) a senior in high school, and 17 years old. I would like to save up some money for the future, as I plan to get a work visa and move to Japan after college. I work at McDonalds at the moment and have been for quite some time, but the pay is minimum wage and they don't give me much hours, even if I ask. So my question is: Does anyone know of any kinds of part-time (VERY part-time, school is coming up) jobs that pay at least minimum wage and give close to hands-on experience with foreign affairs or language? I know it's probably a tough question to answer and it isn't answered often, but I'd like to familiarize myself with the ideas and attitudes of traveling/learning a new culture while simultaneously earning money to save up for my future home. I was thinking something along the lines of an office assistant of some sort at some kind of foreign affairs department...there is a program called "Sister Cities" in the city I live in, but it is non-profit and the internships don't pay...and as much as I'd love to intern, I don't really have the time, what with school and my other responsibilities, to work and not get paid. Some ideas would be appreciated.
Thanks so much <3
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