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How to get a concrete kit for children?


28 May 2016
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My son 4 year old keeps bringing out that wants to make concrete. I am materials angineering graduate so concrete making is one of my specialities. Of course concrete will done unde my control and supervision. For concrete, we need tiny quanities 100 g of cement, good quality sand, good quality gravel and a clear , special box ( glass is corroded by cement) to set it in. Any ideas?

Our hardware store in saitama city sells dry concrete 25 kg and you can 8 kgs online (2kg if you spend 200 yen on something else on Amazon.

Mark of Zorro

4 Oct 2012
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Holy moley. I hope you got around to this.

I am pretty sure if you ask at home centers, you can find smaller bags of concrete perhaps in the form of roofing repair materials.

Big bags of concrete are not exactly expensive. I was planning a project, changed my mind, and had a bag sitting for years in my shed. Of course its all hardened now.

Well I wanted to do the same with my son. So we put on masks and mashed the cement back into powder and made some shapes from concrete.
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