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How Old Is Japan Culture


8 Oct 2002
Obviously for thousands of years people have lived on the Japan terrority.

But how long ago did a coehisive Japan culture/society emerge ?

I am trying to say that this culture/society had a strong unique flavour that was significant in nature.
Depends what you mean by cohesive. Hunter-gathering society, though groups tended to be geographically isolated, were present about 10,000-12,000 years ago (Jomon Period/Paleolithic). Late Jomon saw people coming from Korean bringing rice and metal working. You had villages, people working together to cultivate rice and store rice, among other things, so I would put the start of a cohesive culture/society at around this time, making allowances for geographic difference (which there are even today). However, I would encourage you to take the following link that has a good general timeline and you can decide for yourself -Cheers.

Japanese History
I think the previous thread
-->"Can somebody tell me where does modern-Japanese originate from?",

made the point, I was trying to make.
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