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How often do you use speech recognition software?

How often do you use Speech Recognition Software?

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17 Jan 2004
Okay gang, here's another question from Hachi:

How often do you guys use Speech Recognition Software? For Windows XP users, it comes with Windows XP and Office 2003. You just need to provide a microphone (preferable headphones with microphone). It's really fun.

I haven't used XP's yet, and then I only used it for getting a lot of info in the computer fast. For exapmle, I find it really helps if you are doing a report with a lot of quotes or citations from books. Instead of typing them all in you can read them in, then rework those into your paper.

Don't use it for much else.
Tried it about ten years ago, just for controlling the interface. It's quite inconvenient. Especially because back then you had to say all the commands exactly the same as they were initially recorded. These days the software is much better, but it still feels stupid talking to a computer.

I can see the benefits for dictating purposes though.
Funny You Said That.....

I've been looking at a program by Dragon I think; but I would feel so self concious about talking to my PC, I passed on buying it. I'd rather talk to my cat!

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