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How much money to take


3 Feb 2003

How much money would be enough to take with me, I am planning to live in Tokyo. I am thinking of ツ」6000 is it enough?

i read a lawyer saying you should take enough to feed you for 6 months and the ticket home... apparently tokyo is among the most expensive places in the world to live, so... i'd work nonstop until departure and save it all =P
For some reason, your currency isn't showing up in my browser ... Is that 6000 USD? Depending on where in the Tokyo area (and commuting 2+ hours each way is fairly normal) you're planning to live, that isn't going to cut it. Housing costs alone will take up almost everything.

I've only been living in Tokyo for less than a month, but here's what I've found. Housing is going to be expensive no matter where you're looking to live; the only reason why I didn't get sticker shock while looking was because, I think, I'm hardened by Manhattan real estate prices. Aside from the usual real estate agent fee (usually 1 month's rent plus 5% for, I think, tax) and apartment deposit (normally 2 months' of rent), there's the key money, usually two month's of rent also, for the landlord. This is money that you will never get back, BTW. Knowing Japanese also helps since a lot of real estate agents tend to not speak English; it's Japan after all. :eek:

You may, depending on the apartment, need to get a refrigerator, washer, and dryer for the apartment. Light fixtures, quite possibly. You should be able to get them secondhand, though, from someone who's leaving the country and desperate to unload the appliances and furniture and not pay the disposal cost.

There are places like Sakura House and such that you can also try, so it's not all that hopeless.
Firstly,how long are u going to stay there?
living for how long??I still think it's better to bring more money just in case ;)
safety first
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