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How Many In Japan speak English


8 Oct 2002
If I went to Tokyo, do a few people speak English or a lot more than a few.

If I go to say a medium size city in Japan, does the number of people who speak English small, almost non-existant or ?

My impression is that a lot ofcollege educated people in japan speak pretty good English.
I have the same impression, but the question is if they dare to talk to you in English. I was astonished to see how much effort it cost even to educated students to open their mouths. On the other hand I met a lot of extremely helpful and extrovert people who were not able to communicate in English.
Konnichiwa Arnadstephen-san!

Almost Japanese get English education at a middle and high school. But the Japanese can not speak English. Because Japanese educational administration regard grammar as important, but not speaking and listening.:eek:
I think a Japanese who can speak English is few. But many Japanese can understand your English. To put it simply, they can understand English but can not "speak" English. It's me too. I can write English, but can not speaking and listening.:D
Almost Japanese has got basic English education, and many Japanese know English. But they can not speaking and listening.
I encourage you to carry pen and note about with you.😄

I don't know how the present actual state is, though... notwithstanding Japanese have been learning English from a junior high school, I cannot speak well because that's not for practical communication but an entrance examination of high school university.
So either, I almost cannot speak and listen yet.
As I see it, I think it's to originate in the Japanese government's educational system conscious of the examination war and Japanese companies' employment system.
You see, they extremely like 'brand-name items', don't they? lol :D
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