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How long did you guys study Japanese?

14 Jul 2014
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I'm kinda curious how long it takes to speak a little bit in Japanese.
I'm a beginner with Japanese and only can read, write and speak 150 Japanese words. And that already took me a few months.. :cry:
I'm kinda curious about the advanced speakers how long it took to be on that kind of level.


27 Apr 2014
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How long it takes to be able to speak "a little bit" of Japanese depends on how you define "a little bit" :). It doesn't take 150 words to order something at a restaurant.

As for advanced level, there's been a similar discussion here: https://jref.com/forum/learning-jap...take-you-reach-advanced-level-japanese-54541/

In short, it takes many years, but that's to be expected - learning a new language is a huge task, even more so if it's as foreign as Japanese. Keep your motivation in mind and don't let impatience get the better of you.
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