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How expensive r trains in japan?


28 Mar 2003
wassup y'all?
i'm going 2 move 2 kiryu a small town in gunma
n because i'm very afraid 2 be bored there
i wanted 2 know if anyone could tell me how much
a train-ticket from gunma 2 tokyo would cost.....

do u know?:eek:
According to yahoo, it's Y4510 one way, is about 140km and takes about 1 hour 45 min. So, in other words, not cheap. If you don't ride an express, you might be able to get by with about half this amount.

trains are extremely expensive in japan but also very vital to ones travel, what i always found better to do was get a saishyunkepu(sp?) train ticket which is about 11,800 yen and you have 5 punchs, each punch allows you to travel anywhere in japan for that day.
Actually, I think those prizes (140km for 4500 yen) is pretty close to prizes we have in Finland. I think 4500 yen is something like 33 euros (easily converted to dollars also), which is the prize when you take a train trip from Helsinki to Tampere, 150 km.

I'm lucky though to be a student, I get 50% off from the prize. So, therefore I am asking if there are any discounts for students in Japan concerning train, buss etc. tickets ?
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