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How does your Japanese sound like?


23 Oct 2003
I'm always shy to talk in Japanese to others because I don't know if I speak it well or just sound like an idiot.

So I will record my voice and post it and tell me what you think. I'm just a beginner so go easy on me :p

I'm curious to know how other members sounds like. :sing:
I would never post myself speaking English, much less Japanese! :eek: Although, I'm sure all of you would get a kick out of my accent! :p
Maybe I would if I had a microphone. Personally, I think my Japanese sounds alright. I should ask a Japanese friend how my Japanese sounds. :D
I don't know much... but I can say a bit... I know more writing than speaking for some reason (I know that sounds strange...) but I am starting up my audio courses again this week.

I need a microphone to record into. :(
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