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22 Oct 2003
I'm taking Jap 1A right now, but it's mostly for business people and my sister wants to know how to say, "missing you" or "I'm missing you." How do you translate that?

Thanks for responding!
あなたに合いたい (anata ni aitai) (+"desu" if you feel like it) carries the meaning you are trying to project (or your sister rather) even though it is read literally as "(I) want to meet you."
I don't think there's probably any direct translation, at least that I've ever come across, in which case "You're not here and I am lonely" becomes sort of a mix of "loneliness" and "missing".

"Anata ga inakute (or inai to) sabishii desu."

Or perhaps "Anata wo koishii" in a romantic sense (lit. you are dear to me)

While you could also say something like it just hit me that you were gone and I became a little lonely.

Waitekite sukoshi sabishii kimochini narimashita....
Thank you Mandylion and Elizabeth for responding. ;) My sister thanks you guys also. She found it really helpful.

Doomo arigato gozaimasu!
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