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How do you start out your mornings in Japan

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4 Sep 2015
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For me, well, I like to throw some warm water on my face, brush my teeth while the water is boiling for my 3 cups of morning brew. Then hit the computer up for any new mail. Go on Above Top Secret and read how screwed up the world is. Take some time reading and posting on Jref. and go to Tokyo Cycling Club forum and see what's up.
Then write out a daily plan that I seem to never finish what I wrote down for the day. Drink my coffee and the day begins.
Cold and rainy this morning.
Our day starts around 5:00 a.m. with two hungry dogs and ends at night with two sleepy dogs. Around 30-40% of all daily activities somehow revolve around them. I need to increase the percentage dedicated to cycling. And to JREF. 😅
Coffee, cereal, and browsing the internet. Fantastic way to ease into the day. It used to start with dogs, but, sadly, they left us a while ago. :cry:
Muesli with soya milk, toast from bread I made the night before in the 'home bakery', a cup of tea and an appallingly trashy 'wide show' that the wife and kids insist on watching.
Wake up and go to toilet. My cat wants me to hold his water bowl while he drinks. Give him. Play with him. Let him sniff outside. This is most active that my cat is all day. I drink coffee.
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