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How do you search for individuals in Japan?


15 Mar 2002

Hi again,

I've posted two messages and received no replies, and I'm assuming that means no one knows the Yamamoto family from Kamakura that I'm trying to locate.

In other searches I've done, I keep running into directories that help you locate business, but not individuals. Is there an online Japanese equivalent of the American White Pages, which lists names, addresses and phone numbers?

I greatly appreciate any help on this matter.

Hi Deb, i ran into the same problem with the yellow pages and no white pages. I'am trying to locate someone myself and having a hard time. What i did was write a letter to this person without having all the address information, did have the town, and mailed it in hope it gets there. Good luck.
Hi Thomas,

I didn't have any luck finding White Pages in Japan, but fortunately I DID find the Yamamotos!

Another member of the Forum was looking for Seiji Yamamoto as well, and was able to give me more recent information. I contacted his daughter through her website, and we are now in touch via e-mail. So don't give up... sometimes it's just a matter of luck and detective work!

Deb, I'm glad it worked out for you, i'm still trying hopefully something will give. Maybe someone will see my post who knows. I may end up going there. Take care. Thomas
If you think they are listed in the phone book, I would call Japanese information (or have somebody call for me). You need to know the city and the person's last & first names. It's best if you know the kanji used to spell the names. As far as I know you can't call information (104) from overseas but it seems like it should be possible.
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