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How do you make a Japanese Wall scroll?


20 Sep 2003
Kind of a rough topic, and I've looked on the internet to find what I could, but it seems that there really isn't much out there at all on this.

I'm writing a tanka for someone (still writing it for those who remember my other posts :D), and I want to put it on a self-made wall scroll in the form it is supposed to be done. I talked to my former Japanese teacher and he said, if I remember right, it is called a kakejiku. However, he didn't really know how it was done.

I'm hoping someone on here might know of a site, or maybe from personal experience what I would need to create one. I already have some shikishi paper, and I've been practicing (and failing) writing the tanka using shodo. After I finish the practice, creating the scroll to hold it is next.

I expect the project to last about half a year to produce something good, I've spent about 3 months so far on it.

Thanks to anyone has even a little info. 🙂
Drink Enough Saki Or Suntory And ....

those Japanese walls scroll by, wiggle by, and go by in waves!! Hang in there it may take a while, but someone will come up with an answer for you. You having been working a long time on this project, I remember when you first posted about it. Who knows, you grt good enough at it, you might be able to make money at it!
Good Luck,


I hope so. :(

It isn't an easy thing to create, and has taken some time just to get this far. I want to make it as legit as possible and with the right materials and style. I'm just surprised it is so hard to find any information on it even online!

quality and taking there time to do anything. Everything has to be instant gratification. If someone gave you a link to a site in Japanese, do you have a program that could translate it? Maybe one of our Japanese members can do a search of Japanes web sites for you & locate something.
I'd give it a day or two for answers to come back in to you. Like you say, it would seem someone would have info on it where the internet covers sooo much!


If they found a good one for a step by step on a japanese site, I could always use the frightening engrish power of babel fish. Just about any information would help at this point.
I've made one and hidden it cause its so horribly bad. But basically you write on the shikishi paper, maybe a few times and then pick your favorite.

Now this is where it gets a bit hazy for me (was 2 years ago). The wall scroll itself is one piece, that you'd buy from an art/hobby store. Then with the help of a sheet of heat sensitive glue the shikishi is ironed onto the wall scroll. done!

Sounds close to what I have heard on how they look at least. The shikishi and the scroll are two seperate things. I did not know about the iron glue you mentioned, I wasn't sure how it would be attached.

I've checked at a few art stores, and they don't have a single thing that is even close to a wall scroll. To make one I have considered getting some cloth wood and string to make one myself, but I doubt it will look all that great.

At least I know now that it is iron on glue that they probably use on them.
Where are you at the moment? If your in Japan I could probably google up some stores that sell that kinda thing or at least some names of what you need

Sorry, US in california. In Japan I might have actually been able to ask around heh.
Woooo!!! Information!

Finally!!! Searched the net like crazy for a way to make something even LIKE a wall scroll and found some great tips hidden on this site.

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Dowels and WALL PAPER :) 🍾 🍾 🙂

Wall paper! I mean it seems perfect :) the dowels are kind of obvious of course. Then I just need the cord or string. What I'm curious now though, is what type of adhesive would be good for wall paper and the shikishi I have that would contain the tanka, and if any extra design would be good.

Also trying to find if there is a stylized way of writing (or how it should be writen) on the shikishi paper.

Took a while, but jez... wall paper :) So simple, yet sounds so fitting.
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