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How do they build a Life-Size Gundam? Yokohama Gundam in a 360 video


2 Feb 2021
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How do they build a Life-Size Gundam? Yokohama Gundam in a 360 video | Made in Tokyo
Yokohama has been the place of contact between Japan and overseas for decades, fascinating many people with its ancient buildings and great views by the port, sea and sky, creating a rich culture. In Yokohama, an international port city with spirit, GUNDAM and the internationally-acclaimed anime series will come together. Behold, Gundam in this 360° video. Life sized model RX-78F00 stands 18 meters and moves, steps and reaches for the sky! In addition to enabling visitors to see a 1/1 scale GUNDAM move at "GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA," completed and debuted in 2020 at Yamashita Pier.
(Moving Gundam full video @ )
Gudam Academy: Introducing the development process of "moving Gundam", its design, structure, and mechanism with panels and videos, and also setting up an experience corner in AR. It is an exhibition facility where you can learn while enjoying various techniques. Opening Date: December 2020 (to March 2022) Place: Pier Yamashita, Yokohama Subscribe and click the Notification Bell to know when I upload new videos! ▶︎ https://www.youtube.com/c/MadeinTokyo?sub_confirmation=1

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