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How do I say "I heard"


23 Nov 2002
I want to say I heard it was cold... or something like that
I know I can use samui sou desu
but i want to use somthing different...
like would "samuku naru koto ni kikimashita" be good?
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Well, hopefully someone will be willing to take over when I'm in Japan myself in a couple of weeks....
you can simply say "sou da" as in "Ame ga furu sou-da" (i think it's going to rain) (what a coinsidence cause i just learned this yestersay! ^_^)
I believe it is more commonly "ame ga furi sou da" but not sure what the difference means exactly, probably simply that "furi" becomes more conversational. Or, in this case just "samukatta sou da/desu" (It seems it was cold).
Or learn to add "--- to kikimashita".

ex1: "kyou wa samuku naru to kikimashita." = I heard it's going to get cold today.

ex2- the casual way: " kyou wa samuku narundatte."
I'm not exactly sure on this, but "Samukatta sou deshita" also sounds a little nonstandard compared to the flexibility of English to say "I heard it was cold" vs "I hear it was cold." Although for some reason we don't have "it seemed it was cold" for second-hand information either, or only in the "seemed like....for...." construction to relate a third person's experience of being cold.
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