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How do Chinese view Americans?


Hell's Finest Daughter
15 Jul 2004
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How do my Chinese brothers and sisters feel about citizens of the United States of America, and of the country itself? We are no longer a nation searching for it's identity. The past century has cemented the USA's importance in the world. People are calling 2000-2100 the Chinese century, and it's apparently time for China to continue to step up to the plate again. I can only hope that China and the United States of America remain loyal friends to one another, and that together with the rest of the world, we strive for a better tomorrow for our descendents, and mark our place in the history of mankind.

Here is what I think of China. The past century has been filled with growing pains, and it continues, and will climax this century and beyond, China's role will be a large one in the coming years. The modern world has had but a taste of what China can offer.

The contributions to the world by the ancient Chinese are notable and numerous. You created paper as we know it. The Chinese zodiac is a major player in pop culture around the world. Silk is still one of the finest garments a person can wear, and the list would continue on much longer were I to post each and every contribution..
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