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How did you learn Japanese?


21 Sep 2003
I plan on going to Japan and am trying to learn about the language.
Now my question is: How did you learn to speak/write japanese?
Is it just by experience in Japan or did you use some other method.
I don't know it well yet, but...
university. :)
u need to have abitur in Germany and know some English to be able to study Japanology. There are no restrictions or tests or anything. on the other hand, its the hardest subject I know.
I'm from UK and i went all the way to Thailand to study Japanese at university. I went here, cause its cheap and suprisingly there are quite a lot of europeans studying here :). But I think like any other language, you learn more by practicing with other native speakers. I havn't been to Japan recently but i'm planning a 3 month trip next year..
I'm only 15 years old, so i can't go to a University yet.
But for the more basic things, what can I use best.
I'm now trying out 'Pimsleur's Japanese 1'
On a cd someone asks you questions about things you heard earlier and you must try to remember that.


Has anyone tried it?
It's incredibly expensive, so I downloaded it.
Does anyone know a place to learn hiragana and katakana online?
And which should i learn first.
I am just at the start of learning.
Bedankt, en hoe bevalt nederlands je?

I have found some very interesting resources, thank you all.


Something that I used to learn the Kana is a free program called "Hiragana and Katakana". You download it and use it off-line. It's only 184k, so it downloads fast and it uses two different testing methods.
Try it out.

Google search "Single Brain Cell Software Hiragana" and click the DOWNLOADS line.

sorry there's no link, but for some reason I can't get it to work here.
I am confused now. I've been in love with Japan for about 2 years. I'm just starting to learn some things about the language. Now is it true that words like Arigatou and tsuyoku are Romanji and the other one is Kanji? It might sound stupid to those of u who know, but I would appreciate the help.
P.S. How can u get 2 stubborn mothers to let me and a friend go to Japan as exchange students?
Yes, Arigatoo gozaimasu is Romaji. The

Kanji look like 日本語文法... (examples).
Hiragana looks like-についてなどの...
Katakana looks like-ムステイアメリカ...

Hope it helps you get started. You'll want to learn hiragana and katakana first off though. I wasn't allowed to go, so I don't have any good advice on the P.S.
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