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How Can I Play Final Fantasy for Mobile (ファイナルファンタジー for MOBILE)?

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7 Jul 2017
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I am a die hard classic Final Fantasy fan as well as a soon to be Japan Studies major. So, naturally when I discovered some obscure releases for Japanese mobile phones my interest peaked immediately. The problem is I know next to nothing about how Japanese mobile phone services work other than what I've managed to find just by browsing a few articles. From what I understand these titles (known as Final Fantasy for Mobile) are only available for distribution via 3 different services: NTT Docomo FOMA 903i, au EZ Web, and Yahoo! Keitai. To my knowledge these can only be accessed from certain Japanese mobile phones as no emulators exist (yet)?

I swear I have searched far and wide to find any way to play these applications via a real mobile phone or an emulator, but so far I've found virtually no information. Hardly any kind of media can even be found on the internet (aside from a few screenshots) of them. If anyone could explain the process of importing whatever kind of phone is needed to play them / how to set up the service it would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a link to the official Japanese site for the series of games: ファイナルファンタジー for MOBILE | SQUARE ENIX



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