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17 Jul 2002
As there is a forum only for sites review, I'd like to ask you what you think about my 3 sites.

Here is my homepage : Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos
You have access to my other sites from there. I am still developping it. There aren't so many pages yet.

Nihon Japan Japon Giappone is my site about Japan (as you've guessed) : http://maciamo.tripod.com/nihonjapanjapon/index.html

The last one are my pictures of my 2 trips (5 months altogether) around India :


Thanks for the feedback !
Nice pictures and great content, Maciamo! Who's that Indian lady in the background?

Perhaps you should consider paid hosting (if you can spend like US$ 10/month) and registering your own domain. Travel pages such as yours are very popular.
The Indian lady is Aishwarya Rai. She is an actress (Bollywood, ie Bombay "Hollywood") and a top model. She was elected Miss World in 1994 (and probably the most beautiful Miss World ever).

By "paid hosting", do you mean that I get my domain name and no commercials ? Does it also make the acces quicker ? Is there any other advantages ? I am still a beginner in web building. I started in April this year - about 3 months ago.
She's certainly, well, eye-catching!

Having your own account also means no ads or pop-ups - something your visitors will appreciate. And having a catchy domain name also helps them to remember you page. If you need assistance, just send me a PM.
If you can afford the money per month I'd go for payed hosting.

It also a good insentive to keep you working on your sites.

Thomas mentioned a few bad points of the free hosting thingy. Also, some people might not visit just by looking at your links since we know we'll be hammered by pop up ads and the possiblity of getting caught in round robins where the ads keep poping up even after you leave the site.

If you have your own site, you can normally get easier access, have somebody you can talk to about why the machine isn't working properly and what not. You can normally do a bit more too with hosted sites. But, you should do your homework on the pros and cons.

access speed will depend on the company with who you decide to go with. Normally tripod and them are pretty good about that but ... your also being jammed 100's to up about 1,000 sites on 1 machine.

Let's not forget that any data might be not completely yours after you post to such a system. Please check the fine print. I know that at one time that such companies had rights to use your content for free.

good luck though,

sounds a bit scary but over all I love doing webpages and enjoy my sites.

took a brouse threw the site and the pics are wonderfull, beautyfull garden pics ect;;;

the Indian Lady is truely "STUNNING" what a picture she takes, and I'm sure it almost all natural beauty at its best,

oh! off on a tangent!! your sites are really really worth a visit the pics are brilliant of japan, I'm just sorry that I could'nt seem to bring up your second link, the first and third possed no problem, maybe I will retry tomorrow, I cant rule out the fact that it could be my computer(I've had a few problems in the past).
I have made a lot of cosmetic changes to my Japanese site in the last few days. Check especially the sections history, literature, religion and travel.
Very colourful and informative! And thanks for all the links back to japanreference.com!
I've eventually registered my Japanese site on Topsites Japan. I don't know why I hadn't yet. I probably thought it was the same as registering the Japan Reference database or banner exchange.

Anyway, you can give me a few votes now ! :)
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