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Housing for Research Abroad


29 Nov 2010
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I recently received an opportunity to do research in Japan during the upcoming summer (I'm an American undergraduate student). It isn't through an official program; I just found out about it through my Japanese professor and got very lucky in that the area of research my professor's contact does is very closely related to what I'm currently doing.
Unfortunately, this would not be through a formal program, so the logistics have been left completely up to me. I've managed to procure the necessary funding through a 3rd party, but I have no idea where I'm going to stay. The research professor in Japan said that the university has no space on campus. He gave me 2 suggestions:
  1. Homestay
  2. Renting an apartment with some other people
I really wouldn't feel comfortable with #2, so I think a homestay is the best option. He suggested arranging this through the JTB homestay program (I can't post any links yet because of my post count; it's the first result if you Google "jtb homestay japan program"). Is this the best choice, or can anyone suggest some other options?

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