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14 Mar 2002
Just checked our access stats. Guess which web site has been mentioned along with with 900lbs. gorillas such as amazon.co.jp and IBM Japan? Yeah, japanreference.com.

Metropolis (formerly Tokyo Classifieds) has added us to their Hot Wired section:

japanreference.com A fast-growing portal with comprehensive links to all things Japan related, this nifty site boasts a fast load, sensible layout and great utility. Yahoo-esque categories include Arts and Entertainment, History, Language, Pop Culture and Sports. A 窶廱-Gallery窶 allows members the opportunity to post photos, and provides users with glimpses of Tokyo and beyond. Other nice features include 窶弋op 10 Sites窶 and a menu of newly posted links.

Much obliged.

=> http://www.metropolis.co.jp/specials/tech/tech02.html
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