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Hotaru no Haka -- Grave of the Fireflies

Did you cry or not?

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15 Apr 2002
Ok ... this anime was talked about in other threads but I thought I break it off on it's own.

I just watched it again. I never thought I'd be brave enough to watch it again but I did.

This was a different version. The ending was different.

The brother was sitting on a bench over looking modern day Kobe.

The version I saw before had him standing alone, half dead at a station.

Ok, anyway the poll. Did you cry or not?
Yes, definitely, and I would cry again.

Oh, I thought there's only one version.
I'm impressed, moyashi... I've debated whether or not I could watch "Grave of the Fireflies" again. A fantastic film, but a very emotional experience...

And yes, I did cry... I think it still stands as the only anime that's ever overcome me emotionally.
My wife turned it on actually. I being the anime lover I let that part of me prevail.

So folks which ending did you all see?
As far as I can remember the very end Seita, Setsuko's brother (just checked their names), is sitting at a station, on the brink of death because of starvation and grief, hallucinating about his little sister.

1.) Seita was at a station ??? standing next to a greyish pillar, hallucinating on the brink of death

2.) (the other night) Seita was sitting on a bench thinking of his sister or hallucinating. The view was of Kobe from Rokko Mountains in Ashiya.

I got a box of those drops from a student, and I just can't open it. I keep remembering the movie.
Odd..the version that I have, had the brother sitting at the station in the beginning with some dialogue like 'This is the day I died'. It showed him slowly dying and then meeting the ghost of his sister while they caught fireflies and took a ride on a train. After this is then started with the story of how this all happened. And at the very end it was of the brother watching over the modern city.
hmmm, maybe the first time I saw it I was too much in tears to remember the very end .... :(
Scott is right.

I checked HPs whether if anyone would mention it....
I checked many...
Most of them sketched a plot
but only one person mentined its end.
She said Seita watched the modern city.

<And at the very end it was of the brother ( ghost or hallucination of our own...I guess) watching over the modern city.>
sugoi kanashii desu yone, kono anime...

I was 16 or 17 when I watched it, cried a lot...

don't remember the ending (what exactly happened), but the only thing I know is that he was holding that candy can...
I didn't quite cry. I was close. When I tried to tell a friend about it, the story seemed sad, but not worth crying over. The characterization was the best I have seen and I think this is what makes the ending so terribly sad. You just don't want any of it to happen to them, but it does.
"You just don't want any of it to happen to them, but it does." Nice way to put it!

Welcome and yoroshiku Luxpyre!
Seriously... Who didn't cry... IMO GOTF (Grave of the Fireflies) was the best tragedy that Stuid Ghibli made... And moyashi... Thanks for the info... I had no idea the view was from Rokko Mt! O_O
i know what you mean, the first time i saw it i rented it and i swear i must have cried for at least an hour after the movie was over. it was so sad. i own it now, but i've still only watched it twice.
i remember the beginning w/ Seita in the train station, the time w/ their aunt, and in the shelter, but i can't think of anything after Setsuko dies, probably b/c i'm not even thinking about the movie anymore, just going over the "why?" of it in my head...
Grave of the Fireflies is one of the most incredible movies i have ever had the privilege of viewing.
I cried a little the first time I saw it, but only for a second. Yeah, I was sad that whole day. War is like that. No matter what, people suffer from it...
Funny I watched it for the first time last night... I think its the last Studio Ghibili film I have not watched. I knew what happened in the story before, so I was mentally prepared for it. I didn't cry, but It moved me... I think it had a bit of allegory for Japan during the war, with the children being too proud... But thats my view. .
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