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Hot Springs in Japan!!


7 Oct 2003
Hello 🙂

Do you think anyone that has or does live in Japan could tell me about the Hot Springs. Because i would really like to know about them and what they do there. I heard that they where good for your skin and they help alot with your health.

So just reply and tell me all you know.;)
I live in Kyushu and I go to a "onsen" - hot spring- at least every week ;) I love onsens! Where I live there are many private family onsens, but most places it's public, although the sexes are seperated.

You're right, it is great for the skin - my skin is so soft!! and it is supposedly good for many problems - rheumatism, tiredness, arthritis, recovery from illness etc. Personally I have had glandular fever for 3 1/2 years so I guess I'm hoping the hot springs will help out at least a little. I've been going weekly for over 6 months and I am a little improved but I have been doing other treatment too.

I really hope you get the opportunity to try a Japanese hot spring - they are so relaxing. (for some people they are a bit too hot though)
Just make sure where you go they actually use water from a hot spring, some places cheat and use hot tap water :eek:
well not all places, I have been to a lottenburo (outside onsen) just outside of town near a waterfall and it's just one onsen so men and women are together. I'm not sure how common it is though these days to have onsens with men and women together
the farther out in the country, the separate thing seems to be more relaxed
as far as i've been able to gather from interviews and textbooks, it wasn't a problem until the foreigners came over and started raising sand about it
I've been to onsen where the only thing separating the men's and women's sides is this kind of pathetic sprinkler between the pools. It didn't hide anything!

That was my first time to onsen, so I thought it was typical.
yeah, i been to an onsen once. it was in the city, and they allowed tattoos i guess because of all the foriengers. But yeah man, i dont care who was looking i just wanted to soak and feel good. Its quite different because of the little stool you wash yourself on was new to me. But the onsen experience was so great. I went to sleep after, it was so relaxing and plus i have a bad lower back from sports and its felt like jello. I must agree, it is hot, but if you just relax, your body will adjust. I can wait to go back, it was a great experience.
Originally posted by nzueda
I live in Kyushu...

Thats where i'm going next year (hopefully) 🙂 Kukura more specifically, to visit my friend who has gone over there to teach english. Im really looking forward to it!! 😄

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