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Hot! Really, really hot!


free spirit
29 Oct 2002
Around here is 41ツコ celsius (105ツコ fahrenheit) but there was a town about 100 miles south of me who got to 47ツコ (116ツコ), tough I don't believe it got that hot.

This is getting really, really hot. How's the temperature around you?
Wow, lineartube! I genuinely like it hot, but not quite that hot. Right now, it is 80 Fahrenheit(27 Celsius) here and raining, which is very unusual for us at this time of year. Normally, it would be at least about 95 (35) and about 90% humidity. Call me crazy, but I'm actually missing the really hot weather. I wish I could be somewhere that was hot and sunny year round...

Here in the state of Maine, U.S. the temp. has been a barmy 65 degrees F and raining all day. When it gets above 80 degrees F here we all start to overheat!
There's word of a heatwave that'll hit The Netherlands next week. This saturday temperatures will be about 28ツコ Celcius and further into the next week temperatures will rise above 30ツコ.
That's pretty hot for Dutch standards.
There's heatwave in the Netherlands too? The Netherlands is my paradise. I hope to go over and visit the residence of the Late Pim Fortuyn. I'm his supporter.
Your title misled me, Lineartube. I thought you'd be talking about your new girlfriend. :D

This summer in Tokyo hasn't been as hot as usual. The rainy season has just ended yesterday and we had an average of 25 degree all July. Now, the sky is blue and it's about 27 degree, but it's still under the seasonal average of 32 degree.
well, it was 36 degrees and huuuuuumid yesterday here in Kagoshima.
I come from NZ where in summer it rarely gets above 25 and there's no humidity........ so.... it's getting rather hot for me! and I'm told it can reach 39..... think I'd die in 41 though!!
well today it was about 100F or what about 40C. but where it used to live in cali it would some times even get up to 122/50C.

I guess it's hot enough for a thunder storm, because that's what happened last night. I remember hearing rain around 6am but the temperature never went below the 30ツコ celsius.

Time to head for the nearest beach/pool. I might as well since the project I was supposed to start this month was delayed. Even my clients are running to the beaches. :D
25 Celsius here :) The wether is fine but yestarday there was thunder storm.

Around here is 41ツコ celsius
Man where are you from. Hell ;) Ok ok i'm, just joking please don't punish me you spot of darkness :)
Here it's hottest day of the year so far: 38 Celsius, no wind, no clouds, no thunderstorm in sight. I'm melting in front of the box, hope my keyboard is water-proof...

we have here in the aland islands at the moment aprox 16-19 degrees ... it has started to cool down here, befour this ( in June and July ) we had aprox 30 degrees 2-3 weeks in a row, that was warm and nice, the water got warm and nice then also.
Now everything is feeling cold
These days it was around 40ーC in Germany. even at night, it was over 30ーC... luckily it should get colder now. I can't wait for the autumn, guess that might be the Russian part of the blood in my veins that longs for this. :)
just passing by...
but here in saudi arabia, 46-47 *C is normal from june to august every year (sometimes gone up to 50 *C), with very high humidity specially on august.
global warming...............


forest fires in BC keeps burning
and we are running out of water,
maybe have no water to use in October or Novemeber?
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