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7 Oct 2003
Hey, Nya here

Has anyone heard of a new kind of manga called the hot gimmick i just got the first volume and it is a great manga.

post you comments on it and tell me what you think.
omg! Hot Gimmick is one good manga. My friend has vol. 1 and 2 and it gets better as it goes. There's definatly some twists and turns along the way and things aren't the way you'd expect....
I'd have to agree as well...

I picked this one up without any knowledge of the title before, just randomly... and it's a truly good twisted shojo romance story. Especially starting in Vol. #2, where things really start twisting around...

I can't wait for Vol. #3!

Hey! thanks for the replys!

so they dont have vol. three out yet that is a reall bummer. but i cant wait to get my hands on vol. two.

so does anyone know of any more shojo manga's i would love to read them all. ;)

shojos? Try Mars, if you haven't already. Utena is pretty good, but confusings. Ceres is really good too. Man, I have so much manga!
Basically anything by CLAMP is really good. Gravitation is great, if you're up to dealing with yaoi. Confidental Confessions is a good series, but really serious and deals with real-life stuff like drugs and prostitution.
Those are just some of the manga I have....>.>.
Ah, loverly Gravitation. Isnt it wonderful how Hitlers dream of ethnic cleansing, and racial supremecy can be so beautifully illustrated, and conviniently cloaked within the artwork of todays creators?

Sieg heil indeed.
nya: What kind of stuff have you read and liked so far? I'm just curious, since I don't want to end up recommending a title you've already read... and shojo manga is diverse enough that knowing more about what you like might help in recommending some titles to you...

Nice to meet you, by the way...

:p Hey! all!

MH i really like the chobits andi have all of them. I think?

but i have hot gimmick. and that is about it i just got inot reading manga anout two months ago. i have watched anime eversince then and before. so yeah. i like yaoi. anmd maybe i will try that gravatation manga. it soungs good. i have read only a little of the ceres manga from a friend,

i mostly read manga's that sre for older teens ya know all that stuff. so if you got any suggestions for that kind of manga. i would be happy to hear it.:p well toodles all
nya: OK, that definitely helps... if you're enjoying Hot Gimmick, I'd probably recommend Hana Yori Dango (Boys Before Flowers). I've heard that it isn't as good later on in the story, but it's quite good right now (only three or four volumes in out of many - over 25 IIRC). It's a similar style of story, but different in many ways too...

One of my personal faves is just starting to be translated, and if you like the sci-fi element of Chobits you might like this one as well:

Please Save My Earth

It's a really interesting sci-fi mystery/romance about aliens and reincarnation... another long (over 20 volumes) story but really good.

I'm not aware of a Hot Gimmick anime, but both Hana Yori Dango and Please Save My Earth also exist as anime... HYD as a fairly long TV series and PSME as a 6-part OVA series.

Hope these help... if I think of some more, I'll post them here! Good luck, and good reading!

thanks MH thats helps alot.
well are any of those olderteens manga. i was thinking about getting that ceres series. it looks good.
but maybe i will anyways.
well toodles for now
I've only read the beginning of Ceres, but it seemed like a pretty interesting story... I've liked some of the other work by that author (Yuu Watase) as well, like Fushigi Yuugi and Alice 19th.

I'll have to check if either of those titles are considered Older Teen... can you believe Viz's website doesn't list any rating info for their books? But I did find something encouraging there... when I called up Hot Gimmick, there was a list underneath stating "People who have purchased this book also have purchased the following..."

What was listed there?

Boys Over Flowers (Hana Yori Dango)
Please Save My Earth

I was stunned... but they're both quite good no matter what their age rating, so I'd still recommend checking those titles out!

OK, just for reference on the age ratings of some titles...

Boys Over Flowers (Hana Yori Dango) is a straight Teen rated title, but it's pretty close to Hot Gimmick in story style... so I think all you're missing is the naughty language.

Please Save My Earth is rated "T+" by Viz, for older teens.

And I second that, DarkDreams... His and Her Circumstances (KareKano) is one of my favorites too.

As you can see, nya, there's lots of great titles out there... so don't be afraid to check out any of these titles in this thread!

Have fun!

Well thanks you guys for all your help i really appreciate it. alot. but i will be sure to look and review all those mangas you guys suggested. thanks again.
Peach Girl, Please Save My Earth, Spirited Away *Gah*! I still need the second volume x_x;;;
Wish is another great one, I'm hooked! Never read Hot Gimmick though, guess it's the fact I never heard of it 😊
What is that manga wish about. I have never heard of it. It sounds cool though.

but i havent had the time to go look at the book store for any of those books. i will try though this weekend.
Well, I've read a few of the Hot Gimmick's already, saying as I am rather picky about anime now a days, I guess when you get alittle bit older, you get out of the fight, fight, action, animes. I guess I got Hot Gimmick Vol. 1 was because of the cover, it was a pretty girl on it. Also, I have a taste for the artist drawings...yes, that does matter to me.

After reading Hot Gimmick, well volumes that I've obtained and more. I've come to grips, that it is a very interesting series indeed, with excellent artwork, and very good storytelling. Characters like Hatsumi, I can relate to in real-life, for their are some girls that I do know who act, and do things like Hatsumi would, and have difficulty sometimes understanding their own emotions. Although I've never really met someone like Ryouki, he himself is an interesting character, is his motives for good or for bad, well you people will just have to read more, since I've read all the ones that have come out already :p. I really like this series, and I hope that many of you will as well, also on another note, Kare Kano, is a very, very good series as well, I also strongly recommend that to other people, it's a great series in that the characters in Kare Kano are very mature for their age, makes me look stupid when I was their age.

Anyhow, enough of me blabbing, their both good series, so go and get em, read, and you'll love em.
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