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Host Family Wanted!


23 Oct 2003
Hi, I'll make this short, I applied with a exchange agency and they have yet to find me a host family and the due date is April 10th. So I'm trying to find one myself for better chances of success.

If anyone knows a family who would like to host a student could you please reply to me. It would be for a year and I would attend high school for that time. Also this is a 2 way scholarship from Japan so all expenses are paid.
A location would be a bit more helpful, no good getting a family in tokyo if your school is in osaka
I Think We Should ......

all sign a petition about what a great young guy Luc is and put the list as an ad in the "Japan Times" for a new host family. Let them fight & make bids to get him!!
Awww, don't worry Luc, it will work out, & we will all be jelous of you over there having the time of your life!!

I was in the same situation and was put with a 'holder' family for a month, dont worry about it!
Ya well there's a little catch, I'm on some medication nothing big, but Japan thinks I'm a freak so that's why finding a host is hard. Also it doesn't matter which city, usally get a school near the host.
Arrgh! Drug addict! :p yeah, i can understand that. But you change schools? Thats gotta be a bit hard, i took a train for 2 1/2 hours to get to school and had a great family. Bit of give and take
Alright 8 days till due date and no host family or school. Should I start to worry now? 7months of paper work is a long time.

The worst thing I hate about this is the wait. I bet they will call me right on April 10th to break me the news.
I Don't Want To Lose Ya As A ....

next door neighbor!! Knowing you're guarding my back door lets me sleep nights!! TELL YA WHAT I'M GONNA DO !!! Just for you, I'll go to church tomorrow and say a long pleading pray for God to find you a host family. He
will be SOOO shocked to hear from me, he will be sure to listen & take extra good care of my little buddy!!


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