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Honor kanji


14 Dec 2003
I'm going to get a tattoo over christmas break, a kanji. i found this, and it says it means honor, but i want to double check.

Here's the website description. most of the kanji symbols they have more details on, but i guess they haven't gotten to this one yet.

SON / tatto(i) / touto(i) / tatto(bu) / touto(bu) - honour

I've heard horror stories about people getting kanji tattoos and they are either A) not even the correct word intended or B)the correct word, but the word is slang for something like "hooker".

Is this a symbol I want tattooed on my body?

any help would be great! thanks!
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As far as I know honor is a correct definition.

尊 Honor
尊重する Respect, esteem, value
尊敬する Respect, esteem, honor, revere
自尊心 Self-respect, pride

尊い Exalted,august,awe-inspiring,sacred
尊い高齢 Sacred old age
尊ぶ Honor,respect,revere
神を尊ぶ Revere God
Ok, thanks! I just kept finding different symbols that all said "honor" and was wondering if they were all for different contexts or what the deal was...

(I really need to learn some japanese..... after college though, I don't have much time right now...)
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