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Master Chow

23 Jul 2016
Hi Everybody,

I am a Hong Kong Local Kung Fu inheritor. My family kept all of the things on our Hhkka ancestors Kung Fu which dates back 2000 years ago. Below is my video that I want to share with you. Our Local Traditional Kung Fu.
Please share it if you like it and it is a big support to our local Kung Fu.
Keep it to the next generation.
Thank you so much.

Bamboo Forest Temple Praying Mantis, A kind of Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu.

Click below link to my web-site:
Kung Fu Class in Hong Kong-Local Martial Arts Inheritor,Master Chow

Also I taught Tai Chi and there has over 3000 local and international students passed through my school.
Click below link to My Tai Chi Web site:
Chen Style Tai Chi Hong Kong Institute--Official Site

Good Health, Good Life, Good Kung Fu
Master Chow Chin Ching
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