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Hong Kong just lost another respectable superstar

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20 Jul 2003

very bad year for Hong Kong entertainment,
5 important people passed away
december 2002 legendary singer Roman Law
april 1st,2003 legendary singer/actor Leslie Cheung
2003 lyricist Lee Jun Keung
december 2003 actor Oh Sau Leung
december 2003 legendary singer/actor Anita Mui

Anita Mui started singing in clubs since when she was 5,
20 years ago she won the 'new star singing contest' in Hong Kong and she enters the stardom,she is like an Asian Madonna,many of her songs became very popular,she keeps trying to sing different styles of music,
besides singing,she also acts,she had won many awards in acting.
she keeps challenging herself in both singing and acting

she also took part in community works,
when HK was hit by SARS,she organized the '1:99' concert to collect funds and gave the money to those people who were affected by SARS,such as children who lost their parents

in September,Anita Mui announced that she has cancer
she said she actually knew this 2 years ago,
and it has gotten worse,but she did not stop working,
in November,she sang and danced in 8 concerts,
after each concert,she gets weaker,she had to stay home and let the Chinese 'Chi Kung' doctor do things to help her

her older sister was killed by cancer 2 years ago,
her friend Roman Law,a legendary Hong Kong singer,was killed by cancer in December 2002,
her best friend Leslie Cheung,a legendary singer/actor,committed suicided in April 1st 2003, Anita was very sad and she could not eat,she just keeps praying everyday with tears in her eyes

2 days ago she was very sick and went to hospital,
over 100 Hong Kong superstars,including Jackie Chan,some stars who are working outside of Hong Kong,cancelled their work,flied back to HK and went to see her for the last time,she met all her friends and told people not to call her name, at 2:50 am she left the world gracefully
she was 40 years old

Anita Mui and Leslie Cheung

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