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Home nursing care ???

Grandpa Frank

21 May 2003
How do the Japanese deal with the old and sick? Do they have nursing homes? Do the families take care of their own in their homes? I work doing home care nursing to keep older people in their homes and out of the hospitals and nursing homes. I wonder if Japan has a job similer to mine? America's health care system is going down the drain fast ; underfunded and under staffed !

I think there is a similer job to yours in Japan. The govenment establsed formal qualification for home care nursing. Have you heard about "HOME HELPER" before? That's what it is.

This qualification was demanded at hospitals, day care centres and nurisng homes very much several years ago . However, things were not going very well. I heard many private nursing service companies went bunkrupt. Apparently, HOME HELPER boom was cooling down ...

I used to do volunteer home care nurinsg for disabled people when I was uni student. I saw many people tried to look after old and sick (or disabled) family at thier own home. Asking for other's help seemd to be the last option for them.....

Thanks magpies, I knew you would have an answer to my different kind of question.

I forgot to mention abuot "looking after aged parents is 窶卍キ窶冕 's (or 窶卍キ窶冕窶堙娯?ーテ?s)responsibility" idea.

I think this is still widely beleived and used conviniently sometimes.....
30 years ago !!

When I lived in Fukuoka long ago it was up to the children to care for thier parents and grand-parents. I wondered with todays busy life style with more wifes working if it has become accepted to place them in nurseing homes.
It is very hard to find a quality nursing home here in the U.S. and the news is filled with horror stories of mis-treatment.
Thanks again for your input!

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