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Holaaaaaaa ;) or Helllllllooooooo ;)


9 Sep 2003
Hello my name is Alex and i from Spain (Espaテアa).

I speak Spanish and Catalan (catalan is a language of catalonia). Yes i know, my english is very bad XD but i go to academy for a learn english ;)

Well!! this is my little introduction of me XDXD

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hola avadnc!

welcome to the forum!! 🙂

como estas? is this right? heh heh, i did spanish at school but ive forgotten nearly all of it since because i havent used it.

i do remember a few phrases such as cafe con leche

anyway, enjoy the forum!!!!

- jon
Hola Alex, que bien, pues yo soy de Mテゥxico y al igual que tu soy nuevo en este foro, espero logremos hacer amigos, bienvenido.👏
Hi Alex, I'm from Mテゥxico and like you I'm new in this forum, and I hope to do friends here, Welcome.👏
jjejeje, hey guy's i'm a men XD XD

Si si, aunque tenga a mi querida Ayumi en el avatar, soy un chico XD
are you learning Japanese or may I ask what your intrest in Japan is? I am impressed with the amount of languages you can speak.
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