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2 Apr 2003
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What's up? I am a Kentuckian now that I said that it's time to see how far those Kentucky stereotypes have spread. Anyway, I am a student at a state university. Also, I'm one of those darn war protesters and man, have I seen some exciting moments at some protests I've been to. I had greatly admired Japanese culture ever since Akira blew my mind when I was in middle school. You've got to love a place that has beer vending machines if we had them here. Basically, I am a super fun party guy. I'm ready for a party anytime and anyplace as long as someone else is driving.
Hi there Jim,

Welcome to the forum. 🙂

So, tell us about them fried chicken... :D

Welcome to the forums from a Virginian! I think Virginians and Kentuckians might have a lot in common. ;)

And it's very good to have another war prostester on board. Not many native Kentuckians and Virginians are, as I'm sure you know!
Konnichiwa JimBeam-san!
Welcome and Hajimemashite. Yoroshiku ne.🙂

Thanks for the warm welcome, this is possibly the most freindly board I've posted on.

Twisted, the chicken is great. Yep, nothing beats grilling in the backyard on a summer afternoon with chicken, watermellon, cold beer, and firercrackers.

kirei_na_me I totaly feel ya. I live pretty close to one of the Chemical wepons depots, and you really cannot say much against it with out being shouted down. There was a pro-test held on campus in solidarity with the other 10 million protesters around the world a while back, moreover we had about 100 people protesting the war with a group of about 200+ jeering us. Some even came down and tried to pick fights crazy stuff.

Anyway thanks to everyone else for the warm welcome
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