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Hokkaido/Hakodate maps


25 Mar 2003
I am travelling to Hakodate this summer for study, and have been searching for detailed street maps of Hakodate online, but have found none. does anyone know where good (very detailed...I want to get to know the city before i'm there) street maps of Japanese cities can be found? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Gratz on choosing to visit one of my fav cities btw! Hakodate is highly underrated I think compared to some of the most frequented locales by foreign visitors travelling to Japan and i'm sure you won't be dissapointed. Turns out finding a detailed street map of Hakodate that is either free or available for download is a bit harder than I thought (as you mentioned). I'll try and find something more in-depth and informative later this evening when I have more time to scrounge around.
Hi Mike, welcome aboard!

The following maps are not *very* detailed, but hopefully helpful. 🙂:

=> city.hakodate.hokkaido.jp/$sight/guide/area/default.htm

=> hokkaido.yusei.go.jp/english/map/hakodate/map_hakodate.html

=> village.infoweb.ne.jp/~fwgk7159/hakodate.html

Tram lines

=> hakodate.or.jp/transport/line/route.htm
These are all great, and I thank you for them.

But what I was really looking for is something you could use if you got lost in the town or something. A map with street names and things like that.

But thanks again for your help!

Doh! After scrounging around for some time, I was unable to come up with any detailed maps with actual names. Aside from the links already suggested by others, you might just be better off buying one (as suggested) or perhaps even waiting until you actually arrived and then pick one up from the local travel/visitor's center (i'm sure they would have one available for free and probably in English as well).
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By the way, in case you didn't know yet, most Japanese streets do not have names. Only larger thoroughfares do. So even super-detailed Japanese maps will not have names on the streets. Detailed Japanese maps look like this:


Basically, cities are split up into wards. And wards are split up into numbered blocks. So if you look at the map up above you will see that you are in Hakodate, Matsukaze Ward with the various numbers corresponding to the block number. Within each block, houses & buildings will be numbered. Sometimes uniquely but not always. Sometimes houses or buildings share the same number -- in those cases the building name or family name is necessary for identifying the exact address.

Since these block numbers are not logically ordered you will find that most areas have maps on the street to help you identify an exact address.

I wouldn't spend much time worrying about this. Once you are there for a couple of weeks, you'll get the lay of the land quickly especially considering that Hakodate is a relatively small city.
Thanks. that information is really helpful. I didn't know that was how it worked. I'll only be there for two months, but I think I'll be okay. Thanks again!

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