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Hokkaido a hemp land?


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14 Mar 2002
Roll up for the Marijuana Mystery Tour

"Go to most Hokkaido bookstores and they'll be packed with books about dope," a reporter from a Hokkaido newspaper tells Tokudane Shinsengumi . "The books are filled with information about where the grass is growing, its street value and even have people writing about their experience on cultivation tours."

Seizures of cannabis and hashish in Hokkaido both reached record levels last year. Authorities are well aware of the prevalence of wild hemp on the island and are removing about 1 million plants a year. It may not be long before Hokkaido's gunja grounds go up in smoke, but that's not stopping people's interest in the area.

"Loads of information about marijuana farms (in Hokkaido) is appearing on online bulletin boards. People just won't stop writing about them," the hemp hack tells Tokudane Shinsengumi. "It's this information that becomes the basis of the Marijuana Mystery Tours."

=> http://mdn.mainichi.co.jp/waiwai/0302/0214marijuana.html
A few years ago, people around here made rope, bags and the likes from hemp. I remember visiting my grandmother and seing a hemp rope in the backyard where she used to dry clothes. Potato sacks were also made of hemp. Suddenly one day everyone was forbidden of even touching hemp, since it was supposed to be a drug. Well, around these parts it was never used as one. :(
Gee, wish I'd have known about this when we went hiking up a mountain there back in summer of 2003. I would have seriously considered trying it for old times sake, AND strangeness of being in Japan while doing it. It is afterall, less harmful that alcohol or cigarettes. Useless story but: I didn't get drunk until I was 25, but smoked once in a while after becoming a legal adult (US). :)

It's a shame this natural plant is destroyed.
A sad story of profit$

Plus hemp and marijuana are two different things
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