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3 Apr 2003
Hoi, Just a quick introduction.. I'm very happy to have found this Forum.. I'm a Japanese fanatic..and I got lost surfing and Voila I got here... I have read some of the posting and I love it ,I found peace when I saw this neat forum......I love the Sushi and I would like to learn to oder more japanase food when I go to a Restaurant burt I really do not have a clue.. I will appreciate some help on that.......
I speak spanish,German and Some Italian any help need it I'm here....as with the Salsa dancing I'm learnign my self I hear it's kind of popular in japan is that so?
Well looking to here from some of you guys out there...

Hi Marianela,

Welcome to the forum. ;)

Japan does have a very popular Salsa band (probably more), but i can't remember their name.
Greetings and welcome aboard. I'm sure you'll find many common interests to share with our members here.
Hello Marianela !

Welcome aboard ! ;) You are right about Salsa, it's quite popular in Japan. It seems that lots of dance styles are popular in Japan ; anything from ballet to flamengo to waltz actually. Salsa is from Cuba isnt it ? Not very far from the Dominican Republic. Are you from Santo Domingo ?
You know what's also from Cuba?

Bacardi! :gulp:

(I know, it's completely irrelevant, but i just felt the need to mention this)

/me runs off to the bar...
Thanks, Danke, Dan u vel, Grasias, Merci ,Grazie...

Thanks, Danke, Dan u vel, Grasias, Merci ,Grazie...
For the Warm Welcome to Twisted, Ironchef, Maciamo, Chakan, nangi and last but not leat.. Thomas...
I was happy to rad sll the the rep....
I wish all a Wonderful Weekend...............:)
welcome to the board marianela, you should be able to find many interesting things here to quench your japanese thirst :p
hi marianela i’m carlos "karoratsu.......and if you speak spanish too you can help me hehe byess

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