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Hiya! ^^


5 Apr 2004
Hello everybody! I'm new here! ^^

I'm called Sofia, and that last 'Riff' part is just something I added, it doesn't mean anything really hehe. I'm 20 years old, originally from Brunei but am currently studying English in the UK. I like creativewriting, jrock, photography, and website designing (though I'm still an amateur with this one!) I actually stumbled upon this forum while I was surfing the net for Kaoru of Dir en grey (^^) and this forum was listed. I was curious, so I registered, and I've to say, this forum looks good! You guys seem to have lots of info bout Japan (esp literatures and stuff) since I'm also interested in all-things-japan, Im glad I found this forum.

Ok, enough ramblings from me ^^;;; Nice to meet ya all! ^^ cheers!

p/s: I'm lovin the emoticons! Cute!
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