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Hiya you guys!


10 Dec 2002
Hi there, I'm a quite newbie here, only having a few posts. *^x^*
I was hesitating to post my introduction since I never knew where I should put it in.
now unconsciously, I've found here and got to have to post before I forget it..*^m^*
then I'll kick-off.

I'm a native Japanese female who is living in Tokyo, learning English by myself.
English is still quite an x999999 wack, mouldy and poor so that it takes me much time to make the English text which leads to somewhat meaning
as I would be rather kind of no learned person.. (but to talk to many English speakers surely makes my day!)
the only sure confidence I have is that it would often sound funny enough for confusing you...😭

Now, how did I get here?
I just lost my way while searching for tips for studying English, and luckily happened to come across this awesome site!..hehe!
Anyways, I want to say how fabulous this site is!
All you guys seem to be extremely sweet & keen!
further full of quite cute icons! (I wonder if I could let it come out without fail?) I want to get along with all you guys! 😍

Also, I'll put my hobbies below. Please talk to me by all means if both of you can or cannot share any with me!
Writing Tanka, watching a soccer game (Liverpool RULEZ!), reading comics (recently 'One-Piece' only), playing the violin.

Thank you for reading!
4649 ne! 🙂
Hi Meverie, welcome to the forum. I am very impressed with your post, wishing my English was as "wacky, moldy and poor" as yours, lol! Actually I'm sure you were born in Liverpool, weren't you?

Anyhow, nice to have you aboard, enjoy your stay!

Hey Meverie, welcome to club. :)

Actually, it's refreshing to read the writings of an English apprentice, since beginners usually are a lot more creative with words.
Hey there, and welcome! You write great English for someone who's teaching herself. I've been trying to teach myself Japanese without success for the last ten years or so. I recognise one Japanese kanji. I'm sure I'll get there in the end. . .

I think you'll learn a lot about the English language from this site. If you have any questions about punctuation, just ask me. Punctuation doesn't seem to be a strong point of the other people who post here. . .

I could also teach you to swear in Norwegian, if you like. . .
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