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trend + headlines = more money or at least a last chance to heat up her carrer again for a bit.
Nah, Hitomi doesn't need that. She's ever popular.
I think it's just really hip to have a family life right now.
Nope, the wife and daughter came back last week. I've been practicing giving Elena a bath the last couple of days.

Yep she is. Well, sometimes really noisey though. ;)

Diapers, I've been doing since she came home from the hospital. When I was 13 I used to baby sit a lot to make money.

Elena being so small was a little spooky though. You think you're going to break her.

What's next hmmmm ....
Provided you find time and her parents permit, let us see what young Elena looks like now that she's finally home. Does she show any particular Moyashi features?
Will, do after I stop being lazy.

She looks like me head and facially. Colors are definitely mommy :D
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