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Hitachi's smallest hard disk drive


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14 Mar 2002
Hitachi's smallest hard disk drive

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies has announced plans to squeeze four gigabytes of data onto the 1-inch Microdrive, the world's smallest hard disk drive. The 4GB Microdrive is expected to be available in the Fall of 2003, according to a company release. The new drive will use ultra-miniaturised components, including a new read-write head that is half the size of its predecessor, adds the release.

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Hitachi intros 4GB mini drive with powerless IBM

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World's Smallest Hard Drive Now Bigger

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this is a good thing since hdd are quite fast compared to cf

but, what would be your reaction if you break it? 😲
solid state devices are recommended for portable systems ...
They're pretty reliable. They just guzzle energy at an alarming rate. They're often used in digital camera's and those devices are already known to have a short battery life, let alone with a microdrive.
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