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Historiography of China


8 Sep 2007
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" Of all the nations in the world, China has the longest, most voluminous record of its past. Historiography was an interest of Chinese scholars from very early times, and it was invested with the task of conveying applicable lessons for human life. "

Source: http://www.history.com/encyclopedia.do?articleId=211967

I do agree with this statement.Other than the 24 official histories, there are tonnes of non-official histories, stories, records which immensely detailed the history of China.

This tradition of writing the nation's history probably serves to explain why China is the world's longest continuous civilization. When you have historians starting to analyse the country's history, there will be bounds to be lessons to be learn and mistakes to avoid.That helps to preserve the continuity of a civilization (instead of fall).

The very fact that China had continued to survive until today also serve to mean that there is a long history about the nation, and naturally this led to the fact that China has the most voluminous records of its past.

What's your view on this? Why did China has the world's most voluminous record of its past? Is it merely just a tradition?


24 Nov 2008
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As I Chinese, I have to say, our culture tresure all those things from the past. We tresure our history so much because Chinese always wish to learn from the past and the philosopher in the very beginning of Chinese History, for example, Spring-Autumn, like Confucians thought that the experience of those passing Dynasty can give solutions to solve todays problem. Yes, the idea is great, but some times it brings us trouble.
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