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1 Nov 2005
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I saw it on TV this afternoon, poor people.
It really must have been a nightmare. I have seen two films about Hiroshima and I read several books about this drama, and then of course in Newspapers and magazines.
I always feel so sorry for the children. Can one imagine, your life has just started and then you are burnt alive.

One can only hope that it will never happen again, no where on this beautiful earth.


Japa'n vagyok
18 Jan 2006
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On the monument to the atomic bomb victims in Hiroshima
安らかに眠ってください あやまちは過ちは繰り返しませぬから
is written. It means
Please rest in peace, we will never repeat the mistake again.
It is a good message to remember.

Wars are crazy. Anything could be done under the name of justice or ideal; to me it is the most awful part of it.

I belong to a generation that do not know the war (i.e. have not experienced the war). I'm so much used to be the normal life, but looking back on the history, or seeing the news of conflicts or wars in many places in the world, I realise how precious it is to be able to wake up in the morning to start just an ordinary day, without worrying about the bombs or air-raids.

I do hope that all children in the world will be able to start a day without such fear.


28 Jun 2007
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Thats the ideal that it never needs to happen again. I think since WW2 Japan has learnt their lesson on war and now crave peace which has meant such economic booms since then. For me Japan paid a great price but more so the Japanese people from that time till today. The two posts so far have been really great. Thanks very much ^-^


30 Apr 2007
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I've been to ground zero on three separate occasions. The world's such a horrid place sometimes I can't really separate one groups of people's suffering from another. But what I came away with from the memorial grounds was the idea that nuclear weapons in all shapes and forms are a scourge and I wish no one owned any. I am particularly dismayed at the usage of depleted uranium/plutonium (can't remember which) rounds used in some anti-tank munitions. Even though they aren't nuclear bombs, over time the radioactivity and side-effects are essentially the same. Many little ones eventually = one big one in terms of the after effects. Childhood cancer is on the rise in places they've been used. Truly a shame, children have nothing to do with war.
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