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Hiroshima Daigaku? Osaka Daigaku? Doshisha? Ritsumeikan ?


29 Jun 2014
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I'm going to apply for the MEXT 2017 Japanese Studies, and wondering which uni I should choose. I'm torn between Hiroshima, Osaka, Doshisha and Ritsumeikan (Kyôto) Daigaku. Did you get some feedback about those unis?

Regarding my criterions: Possibility to conduct a thesis, Skills of the teachers in Humanities, Cost of the dorm (no more than 50.000 Y/month), distance between the uni/the dorms and the city, JLPT level needed to get there (I'm between N2 and N1, having been rejected last year with a N2 level), chances to get there regarding the popularity/ number of applicants, student's quality of life and so on, which one would be the best, according to you?

Thank you in advance !
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