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27 Jul 2018
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I know it's a long shot, but now more than ever I'd like to find him.
We had a relationship while we studied at the University of Victoria in 2009.
I haven't heard from him since before March 2011 and hope that he's alright and would be interested in connecting to let me know.

About Hiroaki Saito:
-Kanji translated to (leads to light?)
-Speaks English
-Turned 24 in July (7th?) 2009
-Now 33
-Tall and heavy set (approx 5'10 170lbs)
-Hooded eyes
-Wears strong contacts for bad vision
-From Gunma/Saitama
-Has 1 older sister
-Studied Linguistics at UVic until 2010 (transferred from Musashino Uni)
-Wanted to work in speech therapy
-Scar on his left arm in the shape of a cross
-Plays bass guitar and piano (enjoys 80s style rock)
-Had a dog named Niko
-Family owned a company in Gunma/Saitama
-Hurt his lower back from previously working construction
-Quiet and reserved
-Casual dresser (jeans and flannel)
-Lived in Saanich area between 2008-2010
-Expressed interest in traveling to perhaps Russia or Mexico
-Close with family
-Last known email address (no longer functional) [email protected]

It's been almost 10 years, but still hoping against hope that I'll find him one day. Doesn't matter what he looks like, what he does, if he's married.. just want to talk.
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