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Hiroaki Saito - From Gunma-ken


10 Jan 2007
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I would really like to see my old friend again.... I'm hoping to find any information at all.
Hiroaki (漢字: lead to the light) Saito was from Gunma.
He studied at the University of Victoria (Canada) in 2009. We both majored in Linguistics.
His birthday was in July and I believe he was 24 y/o in 2009. I last saw him in August 2009 before I went to travel.
He was very reserved without many friends, tall with broad shoulders. He played bass guitar and piano. He had a burn mark on his left upper arm.
He had an older sister and dog (Nico?) In Japan.
I doubt anyone here has heard of him, but thought I'd take a shot anyways.
I've always worried about him and hope he is doing well.
Thanks guys.
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