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Hirigana Reading Practice


11 Mar 2005
I know all hiragana but now I want to practice reading, I dont know if it will help my japanese bcuz i wont know what the words mean but oh well.

Are there any sites where its just all in hirigana so i can practice my reading?

Also is kana hard to learn?
Oh boy, oh boy, am I glad Wataru has created this thread! Excellent websites, exactly what I was searching for. 😄
Hiroyuki Nagashima said:
I found a site of a hiragana letter, too

Thanks, Hiroyuki for the hiragana sites!

Nangi, the blog is really interesting, especially for getting into the minds of how a little one thinks! Ahh, the innocence.
Thank you so much for those links!

Yeah I am hoping to learn enough Japanese so that when I go there for a homestay program I will be able to survive.
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