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Hiphop in Tokyo / Kobe????


6 Mar 2004
Hi, Im a norwegian, male journalist student (22yrs), and Im also a rapper and heavy into hiphop. Im going to Japan (Tokyo, Iwaki and Kobe) in March and April, and would really like to hook up with some hiphoppers, hiphopclubs, rappers, cool hiphop-stores etc. Mostly just to hang and meet friends, but possibly to do interviews and write articles on japanese hiphop. If you have any tips or would like to hook up, please mail me on [email protected].

Im also a rapper in a group here in Norway called Evig Poesi (eternal poetry), check out or webpage on www.evigpoesi.com

Other stuff im into includes DJ Krush, The Roots, Common, Reflection Eternal, Blackalicious, DJ Shadow, Talib Kweli, Mos Def ++++

Please contact meif you have a tip...


Hans Ivar
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