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15 Mar 2002
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Himiko (卑弥呼, c. 170–248 CE), also known as Pimiko, was a female ruler of the early Japanese political entity known as Yamatai (邪馬台国 Yamataikoku), as described in the Wei Zhi (魏志, "Records of Wei"), a Chinese chronicle of the 3rd century CE.

The location of Yamatai has long been the subject of intense historical controversy: at one time controlled by male rulers, Yamatai was described as situated in either northern Kyūshū or the Yamato (Nara) region. According to the Gishi Wajinden (魏志倭人伝), the section in the Wei Zhi dedicated to Japan, or the "Land of Wa" (倭), warfare erupted among the various countries inhabited by the Wa people around 170-180 CE. Himiko, a young female, described as still in her teens, emerged victorious and was installed as sovereign by the chieftains of the most powerful tribes.

Himiko enjoyed great popularity among her subjects, largely because of her mastery of...

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