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hiiiiiii >D


21 Sep 2003
i recently stumbled onto this forum although with my obsession with japan, you would have thought i'd have found this place long before. @_@ anyways.. just thought i'd introduce myself a bit. i live in upstate ny, in the middle of nowhere, with few who understand my attraction to japanese culture. so i've since learned to look for similar minds on the internet since home has offered me so few. ^^

of course i'm interested in anime and japanese video games, and more recently i've become interested in jpop/rock as well as the culture. and... my thought pattern just broke.. *_* anyways.. just wanted to let everyone know i was here! >D

*gasp* another.. human.. that understands!! i..i...
X_x this is such a shock.. forgive my blubbering.. it's so nice to meet you! .. not that it's not nice to meet everyone else.. of course it is! but it's just.. you're so close i could poke you.. *pokes*
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